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    Swanson Motorsports was inspired by Grandpa (Chuck) Swanson who spent many summer evenings racing his ’30 Model “A” jalopy on the dirt track of Princeton Speedway in Minnesota.  In the late seventies,   the racing bug spread to the Swanson boys (Kirk, Chris and Danny) when the family moved to Southern California where weekends were spent racing dirt bikes across the desert southwest.  The Swanson brothers’ first experiences on the California dirt tracks began when youngest brother Danny started racing a mini sprint.  Apparently, racing genes are passed on from one generation to the next.  Grandpa Swanson’s two grandsons Cody and Jake now represent the family name on local tracks in the western United States.

    The determination that fueled Grandpa Swanson’s will to win on that dirt track in Minnesota is the same fuel that inspires Cody and Jake to win today.  This generation of Swanson boys is supported by Crew Chiefs, Kirk and Chris, and of course by the entire Swanson family including extended family and friends  who can often be heard in the grandstands  cheering them on to the checkered flag.  The success of Swanson Motorsports would not be possible without the support of their many sponsors of which Cody and Jake would be grateful to share their product information with you.  With God’s blessings, tremendous support from friends, family and sponsors and the drive to win,  the Swanson Motorsports team has a formula for success!


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